Agony Aunt

Playful Partners

By Mel and Ma. 21 Apr 2016

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Dear Mel & Ma,

So I found out that my boyfriend of 8 months has been speaking or as he says ‘only flirting’ with my best friend of 11 years. I know everyone says that teenage relationships are ‘destined for doom’ and people use them to help pass the time and get through secondary school, but the boy I was with was so different from all the others, and I guess it was this kind of naivety that makes it unbelievable. My and my best friend ended our friendship on a cold note and my ex-boyfriend is begging me to rethink my decision about leaving him. I really don’t know what to do. I don’t deserve to hurt anymore but I can’t trust him again.

Love you, Anonymous xxx

You have it all set up for you. Even though you’re stuck in a state of confusion and internal conflict, you, my love, have answered your own question. I think we can all agree that your EX best friend was never really your best friend if she didn’t have enough respect for you to respect what sounds like a relatively serious and intimate relationship and your boyfriend doesn’t deserve the affection you obviously are full of. You’re magical and deserve to be surrounded by people that can appreciate that. Remember who you are and what you deserve- that’s EVERYTHING!

Lots of love, Mel & Ma xxx