Dying For A Six Pack: The Crisis of Masculinity

By Jacqueline Spragg, 18 Nov 2016

Lad culture: a subculture initially associated with Britpop music of the 1990s. “The image of the ‘lad’ or ‘new lad’ arose in the early 1990s as a generally middle-class figure espousing attitudes conventionally attributed to the working classes”. I personally believe this definition is a complete polar opposite to the types of “Lads” we know, see and most definitely hear today. The National Union of students describes Lad culture as group or ‘pack’ of ‘Lads’ with a mentality residing in activities such as sport and heavy alcohol consumption, and ‘banter’ which was often sexist, misogynist and homophobic. Recently, the union has called for a summit on Lad culture due to the effects it is having on generic divide in universities, increasing sexism and increased sexual harassment like common catcalling which, I’m sure, every girl has witnessed. The formation of this new type of hench, offensive group of complete juvenility can be seen as a harmless culture giving people the gift of “Banter”. But despite the jokes and harmless mick taking, people partaking in this new culture craze can unfortunately become ignorant and blind to the devastating effect they’re having on women, society and sadly – themselves.

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Happiness and Healing

By Demelza Rose Werrin, 6 Sep 2016

Unfortunately, I don’t know how many people make it their business to be nice to others, but it makes me really happy when I see others attempt and achieve in their attempts to put a smile on people’s faces.

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Life of a: Maccarthian

By Ciara Farrelly, 21 Apr 2016

The struggles of being a member of that house. The one that cheers for joint third place.

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Life Hacks

By Miranda Townsend, 21 Apr 2016

If you’ve got nothing to do,
Well I’ve got a couple of tricks for you.
So I hope you won’t look uncool,
Using these life-hacks at school!

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Inside the School Council

By Mariam Khan, 21 Apr 2016

The school council may think they’re doing a good job; but can we be sure? Are they doing the utmost to support our needs? Can we find out? Of course! One of our reporters went to a meeting to observe the doings of the council. The subject that was most argued about was the tying hair back rule, a rule an anonymous source told us was greatly opposed by Year 10 and 11.

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How to: Survive School

By Shannon Penasar, 21 Apr 2016

We Five Ways pupils share at least one thing in common: we all attend school. In fact, for us British citizens, we have to attend school until we are 18 (good luck). But to survive, there are some very easy steps. The first is quite obvious, yet for some reason, so difficult…

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Everything you need to know about stress

By Shannnon Penasar, 21 Apr 2016

Stress. Now, end-of-year exams are drawing ever closer, although mocks have finally finished (yay!). But for some (most), stress is still rampant! Especially amongst the Upper Years!

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Body Shaming

By Demelza Rose Werrin, 21 Apr 2016

It’s always baffled me that people offend and purposefully ignite self-loathing within others by shaming their bodies. The media’s portrayal of what people now believe to be the perfect male and female bodies are illusions that people divert to in an attempt to weaken someone else’s self-confidence. So here’s a quick reminder:

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Baking Mishaps

By Shannon Penasar, 21 Apr 2016

I was standing there, in my super-fancy apron like one you’d see in Masterchef, and completely covered in flour and batter. My dark hair looked like a weird mix of steel grey and the tacky white paint used in hotels and other cheap places. I took ages to get that out of my hair, especially since it turned into a sticky, gloopy mess when water hit it. Not fun.

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Apples, apples everywhere

By Molly Pearce, 21 Apr 2016

I love apples! There’s so many things you can do with them: pie, cake, tarts and more savoury selections for those without a sweet tooth. And there are so many combinations and possibilities that easily work together.

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