Is Gaming Really a Sport?

By Zafar Abbas, 21 Apr 2016

From watching competitive players compete for massive prize pools to watching lets players on YouTube, gaming has become more than just about games. Perhaps the fastest growing off shoot of typical gaming is that of e-sports which has begun to attract millions of young people to watch and participate at the highest, most competitive level of professional gaming. No longer is gaming the solitary hobby of teenage boys, it has developed into its own thriving community of pro players and their massive followings which only seem to grow. By 2018, the gaming industry is expected to be worth $113 billion with 36.4 million gamers in the UK alone. But can video games ever really be considered a real sport?

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From Takashi to Tournament

By Isaac Shepherd and Tomos Jones, 21 Apr 2016

Due to the hype train of Street Fighter V, and just the overall amazingness of the series, we have decided to tell you a little bit about the development of the Street Fighter games, and the lore behind them involving the main characters of Ryu, Ken, Akuma and Gouken. Of these characters, Ryu (probably the most well-known fighting game character in the world) is our main ‘protagonist’ and Ken is his training partner under Gouken, their master. Akuma is the brother of Gouken, and a demon of sorts who has transcended his humanity.

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Should we bother with Space Exploration

By Benji Marshall, 21 Apr 2016

Space exploration is an expensive and dangerous human endeavour, but it also is very rewarding and captivating. The entire Space Race between the USA and USSR was based upon the fact that both sides wanted to look more technologically advanced than the other side.The USA and the USSR spent billions on the Space Race outdoing each other for political and scientific gains. The USA won the Space race when they landed men on the moon, and they stopped spending the same vast quantities of money because there didn’t seem to be any reason to continue. They still have made advances, with orbital space stations such as the International Space Station (ISS), and space shuttle programs, but as they turn to new endeavours such as potential manned missions to Mars, it is worth discussing the merits and difficulties of space exploration.

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