Baking Mishaps

By Shannon Penasar.21 Apr 2016

I was standing there, in my super-fancy apron like one you’d see in Masterchef, and completely covered in flour and batter. My dark hair looked like a weird mix of steel grey and the tacky white paint used in hotels and other cheap places. I took ages to get that out of my hair, especially since it turned into a sticky, gloopy mess when water hit it. Not fun.

Anyway, unfortunately this occurred during this first time I tried baking a cake. And everything that could go wrong, went wrong. The oven temperature was too high, so I ended up making something that looked like black leather, but completely raw and disgusting to look at in the centre. Needless to say, it was completely inedible. The surface was covered in flour, not an inch could be seen of the black marble, except for when splatters of egg distorted the white powder. Thankfully, hardly anything touched the floor, but it was easy to ‘clean’ that up (aka kick the mess under the bench until someone else noticed it… or it started to grow something).

I guess it all began when I started to actually started to bake! I was too lazy to get scales out, so I just threw ingredients together. Too runny? Add some flour. Too thick? Add some butter. Too bland? Add some sugar. After quite a few minutes, it was thrown into a baking tin, and into the oven. Well, I already mentioned what exactly came out of the oven, and needless to say, it was a disaster. But it was fun trying to explain what on Earth happened to my mum! When she is extremely terrifying, and obsessive over her kitchen… Yeah, I got into big trouble that day… Big trouble.