How to: Survive School

By Shannon Penasar.21 Apr 2016

We Five Ways pupils share at least one thing in common: we all attend school. In fact, for us British citizens, we have to attend school until we are 18 (good luck). But to survive, there are some very easy steps. The first is quite obvious, yet for some reason, so difficult…

Be nice to your teachers. In the coming years and months you will need your teachers for many things so it is probably best to stay on their good side. Just think, they will be writing references for you which play a part in your application for university. Also, make sure you ask for help when needed; they’ll happily do it! It is their job to do so! Just don’t suck up to them. Do the opposite of what Shia LaBeouf says, and don’t do it. It’ll make you very unpopular, and teachers actually find it annoying and very awkward.

Bullying. The world is full of idiots, and they are more than happy to make your life hell. But remember, there are always people you can turn to, particularly within the school environment. Stand up to the bullies. Don’t run away or ignore it in the hope that it’ll stop. Because it won’t. A good place to start would be asking others for help: a friend, a sibling or a teacher you trust.

Be a good student. Do your homework, and don’t procrastinate; it will kick you in the behind if you do. If you have reading, use bus time or when you’re eating your breakfast to do it. And I don’t mean skip breakfast, what I mean is for you to learn the oh-so-useful art of multi-tasking. Also, your homework may help you understand the topics for your exams and such so there is no benefit to not doing homework.

Be organised. Or, in my words: you have a planner, use it. I would also advise you to get a planner for out of school as well. Mark important dates such as exams, outings with your family and friends. Then, you’ll be able to plan in advance, so there won’t be any last-minute panicking.

Sixth Formers: have a folder for each subject instead of having one folder full of various different stuff. One folder makes it hard to find what you need, and you would be in massive trouble if you lost it. Lose it, and you lose everything. Also, try and get a job. Juggling both a job and school can be very difficult, but it develops your time management skills, and you earn money. Additionally, having prior experience in a workplace may set you apart from other applicants when It comes to applying for a job, it can also be talked about in personal statements for university.

Everyone can tune back in now! This relates to everyone!

Staying active is another way you can survive school. By staying active, I mean immerse yourself within the school community. We have school houses so join events and participate! You’ll get to know the rest of your school, and other people in different years. The big events like House Dance, Music, and Drama help out with this greatly as well. During the events (and Sports Day), wear your house colours, show pride and enthusiasm!

Join a club (or two). This falls under the previous category of staying active. Pursue your interests, and have fun when you can! They might help you figure out what you want to do as a career or for a degree. It’ll also let you meet new people, and is fun. Your involvement in clubs can also strengthen your CV.

Stay Healthy. I believe this to be a essential to survival. As long as you stay active and feel healthy, your appearance and performance will drastically improve. So, join a sport, do some exercise a few times a week for at least 30 minutes. Just make sure that you balance yourself with some rest as well, at least 7 hours a night. (A little tip: fall asleep and wake up at the same times daily, it helps build a routine and prevents sudden bouts of lethargy and tiredness.)

Now, this last bit is the final bit, and it’s all about building and keeping confidence. The first thing to do is for you to know where you’re going. You’ll feel so much more confident, especially when you figure out the layout of Five Ways. Learn the subjects that are associated with an area of the school. For example: Eyles = Physics + random IT room.

Continuing with confidence, make an effort to look your best, even with our admittedly boring uniform, but it could be worse (but it could be better). Shower daily and use deodorant. Wear an ironed uniform which is clean. It will give the impression that you actually care, even if there are times that you really don’t.