Inside the School Council

By Mariam Khan.21 Apr 2016

The school council may think they’re doing a good job; but can we be sure? Are they doing the utmost to support our needs? Can we find out? Of course! One of our reporters went to a meeting to observe the doings of the council. The subject that was most argued about was the tying hair back rule, a rule an anonymous source told us was greatly opposed by Year 10 and 11.

Most of the council thought the tying hair back idea was absurd. However, the other few in the council argued that it has been a rule in the school for a long period of time; except the school didn’t take it as strictly as now. Hopefully this will be taken into account. Most find this rule unfair due to the fact that the sixth formers are allowed to have their hair down and the younger members of the school told to tie their hair back.

Another problem was how hard the IAGs were to understand, the change of system this year, for many has made it harder for us and our parents to understand how we are progressing academically within school. The council have planned to hot seat Mr Atherton about this matter. Hopefully, our issues will be taken into account during this hot-seating and the system made clearer.