Life Hacks

By Miranda Townsend.21 Apr 2016

If you’ve got nothing to do,
Well I’ve got a couple of tricks for you.
So I hope you won’t look uncool,
Using these life-hacks at school!

  1. If you’re writing an essay, copy and paste it into Google Translate. By using its ‘listen’ option, you can have it read out the essay, allowing you to listen for any errors and to see if it reads the way you want. EXTRA HACK: If you can’t imagine ‘dropping the mic’ if you were reading your essay on a stage when you read the last sentence, your conclusion isn’t strong enough.

  2. When you first get your timetable, take a photo of each week and set the relevant one as your lock screen. By looking at it every time you unlock your phone, you’ll gradually learn your timetable like the back of your hand. Then, you can replace it.

  3. While searching for information on a vague question, don’t use ‘’. Instead, try using ‘’. This site allows you to search for much more relevant results than shopping websites and other pages unrelated to your topic.

  4. When you’re gathering data for an essay or paper, find another online that is similar in subject to the one you need to write. Go to its bibliography, and now you have several sources of information to use! This works exceptionally well for essay about books!

  5. Can’t understand that Wikipedia page? Go to the address bar and replace the ‘en’ with ‘simple’. This changes the site to Simple Wikipedia, which is much easier to understand. It doesn’t use specific and technical terms, which you’ll need to go to the original page for.